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About Credit Cards
Credit card is an electronic payment card issued by banks and non-banking credit card issuers with no guarantee or cash deposit。 Bearing signs of card payment organizations such as Unionpay, Visa, MasterCard and American Express, credit card allow holders to pay for goods and services at a wide range of stores and service providers。。。
About CMB's Credit Cards
credit card, which opened a new era of the credit card consumption market in China。 In order to meet the need of different customers, CMB Credit Card Center has issued standardized credit cards, high-class credit cards, fashion credit cards, cartoon credit cards。。。
CMB Life APP for credit card
During the year 2019, the Company launched CMB Life APP 8.0, with the vision of " connecting the lives, consumption and finance of millions of people”, and on the basis of further enhancing the main business of credit cards, actively explored and expanded...
Smart service system
As for the smart credit card service system, the Company continued to explore the ecological layout of 1+N services of emerging channels by focusing on CMB Life APP and complementing with third-party channels. In order to sustain the enormous service traffic, the Company leveraged on...
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